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My JIMM to your JIMM
5/23/2014 9:15:11 AM
 I am really excited as well as unsure of what a blog is all about. I have been told, 'just write what you are thinking'...not sure at times thats a good idea haha.
I've been asked to write some books on Personal Development, Confidence building, Assertiveness, Anger Management , Counselling, Effective Communication etc  I will one day, when I get used to computers n stuff. In the mean time in just going to chat, put my thoughts down here, basically think out loud. Please leave your comments (Be nice! please don't leave any written abuse on this site that you would'nt like to see on your site/email; It's not nice and just rude,  thank you)
I hope you like the JIMM site, hope you find what you are looking for, If you don't let me know :)

Right here we go! A little bit about myself...
My name is Wendy Majhen. I am  a Psychotherapist/ Trainer. I was a qualified nurse in another time zone but now I stick to what I love the best Counselling and personal development training.
I started lecturing within the East Midlands, at a few different Colleges, on an hourly basis  . I then took up a perminant postion with one of those Colleges to teach Counselling skills and theory and Health and Social care. I designed and delivered all the programmes that I lectured on. So one day I decided, I can do this , so I did, the rest as they say is history.
The name FJ Academy  came from teaching students; The discussions we had a lot of the time was about how  most of our time is spent talking to ourselves and a lot of that time we actually argue with ourselves. So what better way to recognise who you are talking to, is to give that thing some substance, give it a name, second party so to speak. So JIMM was created, Just In MY Mind, we are constantly trying to discover what is actually going on in our minds , searching for the truth, trying to find who we we are, hence FINDING JIMM.
I wish you luck and great pleaseure in FINDING your JIMM :)

Phew! Enough for now! Will catch up with you soon
Have a great bank holiday, I know I will, and pray the rain stays away :))

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