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5/22/2015 11:08:06 AM

A very good friend of mine was telling me how Skype has helped his clients and himself with his practice.
What are your views on this? i
Should I use this?
I will do a bit of research on this

5/22/2015 11:03:10 AM
Just felt it would be good to catch up and let you know what is happening with FJ Academy and myself.
For those that know me, Hi and for those that don't, ' Welcome'.

FJ Aademy has made many changes over the past few months.
After being rubber stamped and accepted by  OFSTed and AIMS etc to open a Counselling Academy , I have decided 'NOT' to follow this up.
 My future has altered and  but my passion for helping others hasn't gone away; it has just been diverted down a different road.
For many years I have watched a good friend of mine distroy her life, following one dream after another  and not knowing what direction to take. We have helped as much as possible but the old saying, ' You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink' is very true. As her friend, it breaks my heart to see her do this  to her self. .. as a counsellor, I want to help more but independence has accepted and responsibility taken for own life.
This has made me reflect upon my own life, do I really want to be working and not smell the roses?
My dream is to spend my days at the beach with my grandchildren, be a real Nana , not a working Nana. 
A few years ago I was approach with an oppertunity to help people and at the same time make lots of pennies. I turned this down as the time wasnt right.
Stupid me was on a road and could not be wavered at that time. I was focused!
BUT!!!! Things change...Ive changes...I am now focused on another road.
I have decided to take this new oppertunity and take it as far as I can.
I have to say, I am so happy I have, its fun, I have met hundreds of wonderful positive people, I have never done as much personal development course, its not like work at and I get paid for it which turns into residual income for life (willable asset) it Absolutely love it!
I will keep you informed
See you on the beach!
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