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  Welcome to JIMM's Place


Thank you for taking the time to read our web site. We are a  team of Trainers and Psychotherapists; our aim is to help as many people as possible to choose the simplest, easiest journey within their life; making their life an enriched adventure, whether that is personally or professionally. 
We aim to do this with great respect of each individual, empathic to their thoughts and feelings and an understanding that we all choose our own paths and sometimes just need a helping hand along the way.
Finding JIMM was first designed around the concept of individual one to one counselling and recognising how the mind controls the body. We all know how difficult issues can control what we think and feel, how we react to these feelings and thoughts and the way we control the way we react.
The JIMM system worked so well for individuals that programmes were designed for organisations and companies.

These programmes were and still are bespoke to individuals and Organisations.
FJ Academy prides its-self on focusing on Person Centred approach but as Intr
egrated Psychotherapist we believe, 'the heart of therapy lies within the client'. Therefore, the Psycotherapist has the ability to adapt to any model that is needed to help the client, (an enriched toolbox of models and theories i.e CBT - Cognitive Behavoural Therapy, Gestal, Freud, Rogers, Egan, Becks to name a few models and theories)


Within Organisations,  FJA works well within team building exercises, recognising there is NO 'I' in team work.   Making the 'I' work better within the team, encouraging positive, effective communication, ensuring the efficiency of your professional and personal development.



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